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Opuzz Voice : Bettye Pierce Zoller's Opuzz Voice Store

Bettye Pierce Zoller

A Famous Voice, Coach, Audio Producer, & Engineer!

 Voice Over Talent Summary
Vocal Age Range: Teen to 70s

American English native; French and German reading only with American flavor; Italian in small bits reading it and double-checking pronunciations on
Audio Formats: MP3, AIFF, WAV and telephony such as MuLAW
Payment Method: Pay Pal, MC, VISA that I process myself on phone, bank transfer, check, money orders
Average Turnaround: 1-2 days
Location: Dallas, Texas - USA

AFTRA SAG but can do many projects otherwise if not radio TV jobs
Vocal Style:

Mid to Low Range, sweet, sexy, sultry, breathy, smooth, soothing, silky, Buttery, Velvet, Elegant, Sassy, Seductive, Dramatic, Intense, Real, Natural, Soft-Sell, Hard-Sell, Professional, Corporate, Sophisticated, Mature, Conversational, Rich, Stuffy, Warm, Crisp, Clear, Fresh, Comedy, Goofy, Wacky, Cartoon, Maternal, Country, Urban, Dialects, Accents, Sarcastic, Genuine, Friendly, Fun, Confident, Enthusiastic, Easy Going, Pleasant, Sincere, Knowledgeable, Believable, Intimate, Playful

TV or Radio Commercials, Narrator, Announcer, Promo, Imaging, Dialogue and Conversation, AudioBook, Voice for Website, Character, Impersonation, Storyteller, Moods, Spokesperson, Telephone-On-Hold, Voicemail, Singing, Training, Education and Instructional, Medical, Technology, Financial, Political, In-Store Announcements



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Voice Over Talent Description
I provide voiceovers for projects of many types in my digital recording studio or if you require ISDN I go to friends' studios here in Dallas. I provide other voice talents too, many are pros, some are students, so ask me about voices I provide to you when you use me as the producer and use my studio remote. I am audiobook advisor and author. I am voiceover and voice coach. I produce VO demos for talents worldwide, many stars! Audio engineer, producer, VO talent three decades. Numerous awards. Also writer.

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Clients Include :
Pedialyte Vitamins, Pace Picante Sauce, Seven Seas Dressings, Chiffon Margerine, Visa, Seven Eleven Stores, Avon of Tokyo, Bank of America, No Nonsense Pantyhose, Smithsonian Museums, Ellis Island Museum, hundreds of major corp. training films, Simon and Schuster audiobooks and much more.

Special Skills : Audio engineer for all reasons; audiobook author and narrator, females of all ages, dialects my specialty, cartoon voicings, telephony (I own a telephone messaging company!), excellence in narrating projects worldwide. One of America's best-known voice and voiceover coaches.

Store Last Updated: March 13, 2006

Voice Over Talent Rates
  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below AFTRA SAG $150
  31sec 60sec  AFTRA SAG $255
  61sec 120sec  AFTRA SAG $355
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. AFTRA SAG $650
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. AFTRA SAG $895
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.

Others : Audiobook projects are priced by the page or by the word. 
Website projects are priced according to how much time it will take me. 
Telephony projects priced various ways.

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TV/Radio Promo
Voice Demo 1

TV/ Radio

Voice Demo 2


Voice Demo 3


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Voice Over Talent Testimonials
I have testimonials from James Alburger and the Edge Studios in NYC and elsewhere. Will furnish upon request.

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Articles I've Contributed :
 **None Submitted **

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