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Vocal Style: Mature, urban, sexy
Vocal Age Range: Mid 20's
Language: English
Audio Formats:  MP3
Payment Method: PayPal
Average Turnaround: 24 Hours
Location:  New York, NY
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

I've only be in the Voice Over industry for 5 months now and all my work I've done is either a promo campaign/ bumpers. But the work is great and I want more.

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Clients Include : Heritage Network, Eagle Rock Entertainment, ABC Family

Special Skills : Urban "sound" quaility, Direct sell, Fluent English

Store Last Updated: 23rd June 2003

  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below Buy-Out $150
  31sec 60sec  Buy-Out $200
  61sec 120sec  Buy-Out $200
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. Buy-Out $200
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. Buy-Out $200
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
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Featured Music Tracks at the Opuzz Music Store:

Introspective, Pensive, 
Intimate. Acoustic piano and clean electric guitars.

Driving, Confident, Intense.
Nylon string guitar solo over driving rhythm section.

Powerful, Hard-Driving, Wild!
Heavily distorted guitars. Drums & bass.


Cinematic, Warm,
     Expressive. Woodwind

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