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Featured Talents 

Featured Voice Talents

Lawrence Cecchini
• Elizabeth McGuire
• Bettye Zoller
• Dick Rodstein
• Tom Test
• Chris Mezzolesta
• Alex Luchun
• VocalBillity
• Michael Schoen
• Tia Marlier
• Alex Myers
• Jay Silber
• Dave DeAndrea
• Michelle Ann Dunphy
• Robin Rowan
• Cathy Faulkner
• Claire Dodin
• David Seys
• Michael Stuart
• Kim Somers
• John Blye
• Robert Clark
• Bill Hunt
• Jane Hambleton
• Paul Greatbatch
• Steve O'Brien
• Rosemary Watson
• Jason Reichenberg
• Hettie Lynne Hurtes
• Xavier 'X-Man' Paul
• Rita Pardue
• Craig Cooksey
• Justin Hibbard
• Gordon Edward
• Ron Allan
• Kathleen Keesling
• Beth Warden
• Vance Elderkin
• Travis Taylor Medcalf
• Liz de Nesnera
• Chris Camilleri
• Todd Schick
• J.S. Gilbert
• Miriam Millikin
• Bill Millikin
• Michael J. Hall
• David Dunn
• Kyle_Scott
• Robert Jadah
• Scott Pollak
• Kevin Miller
• Jeffrey Koehler
• Kelly Klemolin
• Bob Worthington
• Kari Loya
• Gord Brooks
• Jon Terzis
• Catherine Sheehan
• Larry Maizlish
• Dan Murdoch
• Gale Van Cott
• Bobbi Owens
• Brian Roberts
• Lisa Rice
• Bob Deyan
• Alyson Steel
• Robert
• Robert Jacobs
• Adam John Morgan
• Dave Sebastian
• Peter Drew
• Greg Harrison
• Jim Robesky
• Amy Delaney
• Charlee Redman
• Susanna Fera
• Kim Crow
• Catherine Smith
• Antonio McCoy
• Chad Miles
• Craig Burnett
• Deborah Marlowe
• Joe DeSio
• Joan Hall Hovey
• Melanie Haynes

Royalty Free Music

"Peace Piece"
Acoustic piano piece with modern drum loop. Strings, bass, percussions and bells make up this compelling track.

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Opuzz Voice :   Getting Started

The voice talents at OpuzzVoice are separated into Male Voices and Female Voices. In both of these sections, you can choose to either view the list of talents:

     i. Sorted alphabetically,
     ii. Sorted by date, beginning with the latest talents.
     iii. Sorted by rates, beginning with the lowest rates.

Clicking on any of the names will lead you to the talent’s Opuzz Voice Store. At each of the Opuzz Voice Stores, you will find information regarding the talent, such as services provided, client list, past experiences, testimonials, rates and Audio Demos for download.

To help you assess the suitability of the talent to your requirements, you can download the talent’s Audio Demos, which are available at most of the talents’ stores. These demos are mostly available in MP3 format, as this audio format is widely accepted and playable on most media player such as QuickTime, iTunes, Windows Media Player and WinAmp.

To download the Demos, simply click on the “Demo Button” - e.g. . You will be prompted to save the file at a location on your hard drive. Select the location and proceed to download by clicking “OK” or equivalent. When the download has completed, you may play the file to preview the voice.

Each talent's rates are displayed clearly in the store. The rates are separated into two main categories – Broadcast and Non-Broadcast.

Broadcast work refers to work done for productions that will be broadcasted such as national TV and Radio. The voice-over rates for this type of productions are generally higher.

Non-broadcast work refers to work done for productions that are not broadcasted such as Multimedia productions, audio books and CD-ROMs. Rates for this type of productions are typically lower.

When you have decided on a talent, click on the 'Hire Me Now!' button. This will open an online order form in a separate window.

1. Fill in the form with all the required information as displayed.

2. To submit your Script to be recorded, simply Copy-and-Paste the script into the designated area. 

3. If you wish to have music mixed with the voice recording and have purchased a music track at the Opuzz Production Music Store, enter the Music Track’s File ID (See below).

When you are ready, click the “Submit” button and the form will be sent. When the talent receives the order, he/she will review it and contact you, if needed, regarding the script, vocal delivery, turnaround time…etc. The talent will also inform you of his/her preferred payment method. All payments should be made directly to the talent, not to Opuzz.

Search for Male Voices
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You can now have voice recordings mixed together with music tracks to produce your ‘final' production - Radio Commercial, audio track for a TV Commercial, multimedia CD-ROM, business presentation...etc. Music tracks purchased from the Opuzz Music Store can be mixed with voice recordings by voice talents hired at the Opuzz Voice Store. 

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1
Select your music track(s) at the Opuzz Music Store and add the track(s) to your Shopping Cart.

Step 2

At your Shopping Cart, add the "Music Mixing Service" option to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the "Music Mixing Service" button . This will tell us that your selected track(s) is/are to be mixed with a voice recording.

Step 3
Checkout and make your payment at the secure online payment area.

* You may also click the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase the Music Mixing Service.

When your order is received:

1. The voice talent records your script. 

2. Voice talent delivers the finished recording to us to be mixed with your selected music track(s). 

3. (Optional) We edit the voice recording if necessary and mix it with the music track(s) you have selected.

4. We will then upload the final files to our servers for you to download. 

Note for Optional:
Music mixing will add 24 hours on top of the talent's turnaround time.
E.g. [Talent's turnaround is two days] + [24 hours for music mixing] = Final production delivered to you within 36 hours.

If you have worked with any of the talents and would like to write a testimonial or give feedback regarding his/her services, you may do so by clicking on the ‘Submit a testimonial’ link.

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